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Have any old records you don't want and want to sell? 

Bring them here! 

If you have any old or newer records you are no longer interested in, then bring them down to 3 Dachshunds Records! We try to make the buying process as simple as possible.

1.Come in with your collection to drop it off

  • We ask that if you have a collection that is more than 30 records that you bring them in a box preferably, please. 

2.We will get your:

     • Name

     • Phone Number

     • And what your brought in

3.Jack will go through the records he is interested in and will begin to clean, grade, and price the records. Because it is a lengthy process to clean, grade, and look up records, it may sometimes take a little longer than our initial estimate.

4.We will call you for Jack's purchase of the records that he was interested in, and what he will pay you. If you fail to receive a call, you can call us and we will update you on our progress or if Jack is finished.

5.From there you would come and pick up what he was not interested in and receive your payment. 

   It takes time to grade, clean, sleeve, and look up prices of vinyl so it does require a little time to normally go through this process.

*Jack's careful grading, cleaning, and placing records into new polysleeves indicates his love for records but also the desire to sell an appropriate priced record. Jack not only discounts records based on actual condition but also on the jacket condition. He also cleans all record jackets. He simply sells records for their worth.

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