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CD's, Cassettes, & 8 Tracks Oh My! 

We don't like limiting ourselves to one format of music that is why we have our CD's, cassettes, and 8-Tracks! We want to provide as many forms to customers as possible. 

Here at 3 Dachshunds, we have a huge selection of CDs ranging from all types of music! 

Whether you are in the mood for classic rock or country we have a variety of CDs for you! Our CD collection is alphabetized with the first name of the artist first. We carry all types of genres and if we don't have the cd that you are looking for, we can always try to order it for you. 

Crazy about Cassettes!

Calling all Walkman owners! Our cassette collection here ranges from country to 80's rock, we try to provide a little something for everyone! 

 Can't forget about 8 Tracks!

Over the year, we have seen 8 Tracks come on the rise. 3 Dachshunds has 8 Tracks that are unsealed and sealed still! 

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