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Record Player Accessories 

Items to help you keep spinning! 

Crosley Record Players 

At 3 Dachshunds Records we not only provide the vinyl but the equipment to play it on. We have a variety of Crosley records as well as a pamphlet to allow customers to see all the extra features that accompany each specific record player we have in stock. With every record player purchase there is a year warranty, so if you are to have any trouble just come back and see us! 


We understand how important it is to replace your needle and how it can be confusing to know what needle accompanies what record player. We have a pamphlet to help choose the correct needle to the correct record player. If we don't have, we can always try and order it!

Groove Washer 

The sound of crackling is great for a fire, but not so good for a record. Here at 3 Dachshunds, we use Groove Washer cleaning supplies and solutions to combat this! Groove Washers provides a range of products from their replaceable microfiber cleaning pad with a walnut handle to their anti-smudge and static cleaning solution. We cannot recommend Groove Washers enough for customers who are looking to maintain a clean and fresh sound for their records! 

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