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Browse our NEW VINYL'S on "Newly Arrived Vinyl Page"


3 Dachshund Records has a number of Music Posters including First Print Framed Fillmore Concert Posters. SEE OUR "POSTER" PAGE.

CD's, Cassettes, & 

8 Tracks Oh My!   

We have an expansive Selection of CD's, Cassettes & 8 Tracks (Many are Factory Sealed) & most of our CD's are $3.00 & Cassettes are $2.00. 8 Tracks range from $4.00 to $6.00 each.

Record Players 

3 Dachshunds Records sells Crosley Turntables, & Crosley replacement needles. We also carry a range of products from 45 adapters to Record Cleaner, Polysleeves and Paper LP & Jacket Holders, Dividers for Separating Records, Replacement fluid for Cleaning Records and more! 

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